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Full text of "Minutes of the ... annual session of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1868"

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N. G. and Va. Christian Conference, 

Salem Chapel, Forsythe Co., N. C, 

Xov. Hi, 14, Hi, 17 and 18, 1868. 








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N. C. and Va. Christian Conference. 


Salem Chapel, Forsythe Co., N. C, 

Nov. 13, 14, 10,1} -anti 18, 1SOS. 






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Salem Chapel, \ 
Forsythe County, N. C, Nov. 13, 1868. } 

The ' North Carolina and Virginia Christian Confer- 
ence met at this place to-day, and was called to order by 
the Secretary, the President of last session being absent. 

The ministerial and church rolls were then read, and 
the following appeared and took their seats, viz : 

Elders. — T. J. Fowler, A. Iseley, A. Apple, J. W. 
Wellons, J. N. Manning, E. W. Beale, J. N. Farrell, A. 
G. Anderson, P. W. Allen, R. G. Tinnen, D. T. Deanes, 
W. S. Long, C. A. Apple. 

Licentiates.— J. W. Hatch, Bennett Ausley, D. A. 
Long, R. C. Tuck, W. T. Walker. 

The following delegates handed in their credentials 
and were admitted to seats as members of the Confer- 
ence, viz : J. A. Long, Wm. N. Pritchard, Thomas G. 
Lindsey, C. H. Yeates, C. S. Holleman, W. G. Clements. 
R. Tuck, Joel Fulton, Abram Fulton, H. Marshall, S. 
G. Truitt, M. C. Winston, H. Rudd, D. C. Murchisou. 
S. C Crocker, S. L. Waynock, Forrister McCain, David 
Huffines, Eli Iseley, Adam Strader, Dr. J. Strader, L. 
L. Kernodle. 

A quorum being present, Conference was opened by 
singing and prayer, Rev. A. G. Anderson officiating. 

Conference then proceeded to the election of the usual 
officers, which resulted in the selection of Rev. A. G. 
Anderson, President; D. A. Long and R. C. Tuck assist- 
ant Secretaries. 

Conference then listened to the introductory sermon, 
delivered by Rev. A. Iseley, from 1st Cor., xii., 31. A 


very forcible and impressive discourse, giving needful 
instruction to all present, especially to young ministers. 

Conference then took a recess for three-quarters of an 
hour, after which the body reassembled for business. 

On motion, Rev. Thomas H. Pegram, of the Metho- 
dist Protestant Church, was invited to an honorary seat 
in this body. 

On motion, Rev. W. B. Wellons, a fraternal messen- 
ger from the Eastern Virginia Conference, was invited 
to a seat as a deliberative member, who, upon coming 
forward, made some seasonable and appropriate remarks 
respecting the duties of Conference, and expressive of 
the kindly feelings existing between his Conference and 
this body, and also mentioning the fact that he came as 
President of the General Convention to advise with 
Conference upon the best means by which our cause 
can be advanced. 

On motion*' of Rev. W. S. Long, a Committee on Re- 
ligious Exercises was then appointed. 

Rey. T. Deanes and Bros. W. Haislip and D. M. 
Linville, committee. 

\Rev. W. S. Long, Chairman of the Sabbath School 
^Committee, then reported. The report was received and 
so much of it as related to a Sabbath School Convention, 
was adopted. 

On motion, a committee of three was appointed to ex- 
amine and report upon Church records, and the letters 
from the Churches. 

The Chair appointed Revs. J. N. Manning, J. W. 
Wellons and E. W. Beale. 

On motion, the ministers of the Conference were di- 
rected to make annually a report of their ministerial 
labors, as required by our Form of Government. 

On motion, the Churches were required to submit an- 
nually their records for the inspection of Conference, 
agreeably to the provisions of our Form of Government. 

It was then announced that Rev. J. W. Wellons would 
preach to-morrow at 11J o'clock. 


On motion , Conference adjourned to meet to-morrow 
morning at 9 o'clock. Singing and prayer by Rev. W. 
B. Long. 

Saturday, Nov. 14, 1868. 

Conference convened. Prayer by Rev. A. Apple. 

The proceedings of yesterday were read and approved. 

Rev. J. W. Wellons then gave an account of his visit 
to the Eastern Virginia Conference as a fraternal mes- 

Rev. C. A. Apple moved that a committee of three be 
appointed to report on periodicals. 

The Chair appointed Revs. C. A. Apple, A. Apple and 
J. N. Farrell. 

Rev. W. S. Long then offered a resolution that the 
Chair appoint a committee of three to report some plan 
by which the Board of Publication may be aided in put- 
ting a Hymn Book to press as soon as possible. 

The Chair appointed Revs. W. S. Long, D. T. Deanes 
and J. W. Wellons. 

Conference then adjourned until 9 o'clock' Monday 
morning in order that the Sunday School Convention 
might meet. 

Monday Morning, Nov. 16th, 1868. 
Conference convened. Singing and prayer by Rev. 
E. W. Beale. 

On motion, it was agreed that Conference proceed to 
business without calling the roll or reading the proceed- 
ings of the previous day — the ^Standing Secretary being 

The Committee on Sabbath Schools then reported as 
follows, which was received and adopted : 


This subject has long been regarded as one of para- 
mount importance. In many sections our people failed 

to organize and conduct efficient Sabbath Schools. A 
most happy change has taken place during the past 
year. Large aud well-conducted schools have sprung up 
in nearly all our congregations. Our ministers have 
generally become earnest and efficient Sabbath School 
men, and the private members of our churches have 
entered into this most noble work with equal diligence 
and promptitude. Of the good results growing out of 
these schools we may state the following : Our houses 
of worship have been attended more punctually and 
largely, the young have taken more interest in the 
preaching of the Gospel, and many have been added to 
the Church. 

Seventeen Sabbath Schools have been organized within 
the boundaries of this Conference. In these there 
are 182 superintendents and teachers, and 811 scholars ; 
aggregate, 933 members. All the schools have not been 
reported to the committee. 

During the past year, seeing the interest manifested by 
our people in the Sabbath School work, and believing 
that its importance demanded organized and well regu- 
lated efforts, your Committee did, at the request of some 
of the brethren, call a Convention of the friends of the 
Sabbath School, to meet at this place during the sitting 
of this body, and we hope that a suitable time will be 
set apart by you for this purpose. 

On motion of Rev. J. W. Wellons, Bros. J. W. Hatch 
and Hezekiah Rudd were appointed ou the Committee 
on Home Missions in place of the like number who were 

f The Committee to whom was referred the business of 
assisting in organizing a Colored Conference in North 
Carolina reported, which was received and adopted. 

We your Committee appointed at the last session of 
Conference to assist in organizing a Colored Conference 
of North Carolina, beg leave to report: 

We met the colored people in the city of Raleigh on 
the 11th day of Nov., 1868, and succeeded in organizing 
a Conference on the Principles of the Christian Church, 
to be known as the "Colored Christian Conference of 
North Carolina." They were organized with 7 churches, 
2 elders, 2 licentiates. They have had a second session 

W. S. Long. Chairman. 



of their Conference, which we attended; they received 
nine new churches, six ministers were licensed and two 
were ordained, making now five elders, seven licen- 
tiates and sixteen churches, a membership now of six 
hundred and sixty two. Nine Sabbath schools, with an 
aggregate number of three hundred and twenty members. 

The next session of their Conference"^ to be held with 
the church atNewbern, North Carolina, on Friday be- 
fore the first Sunday in November, 1869. 

We would recommend that this Conference appoint 
one minister or more to attend the next session of their 
Conference, to aid them in making permanent their or- 

J. W. Wellons; 
H. B. Hayes. 

On motion Revs. J. W. Wellons and H. B. Hayes, 
were appointed a committee to assist in making perma- 
nent the organization of the Colored Christian Confer- 
ence in North Carolina. 

The Committee on Temperance reported, which was 
received, and after remarks from several brethren, it was 
moved by Rev. A. Iseley, that it be laid on the table, 
which was carried, and when taken up it was adopted 
by a rising vote of the whole Conference. 


The Committee on Temperance would report that a 
very deep interest is being felt throughout the States of 
North Carolina and Virginia upon the subject of tempe- 
rance, and that considerable good is being accomplished 
under the auspices of the "Friends of Temperance." 

The committee would direct attention to the report on 
temperance last year, and recommend that the meas- 
ures therein proposed be continued in unabated use un- 
til all intoxieatiug liquors cease to be used as a beverage, 
within the bounds of the Conference. 

Respectfully submitted, 

J. N. Manning, Chairman. 

The Committee to whom was referred the examina- 
tion of the church records and letters from the churches 
reported, which was received and adopted. 



The Committee, to whom was referred the records of 
churches and the letters from the churches, would report: 

That the records of four churches only were put into 
their hands, viz: Salem Chapel, New Providence, 
O'Kelly's and Pleasant Grove, Va. The subject matter 
of these is very well written, and shows a considerable 
degree of faithfulness on the part of the secretaries. 
There are a few deficiencies, however, in some of them, 
which have been pointed out privately for the benefit of 
the secretaries. 

Owing to the small number of records put into our 
hands we are unable to make any statistical report, or 
gather much matter of general interest. From the let- 
ters chiefly, we learn that in many places meetings of 
deep interest have been protracted with very good re- 
sults and that quite a number have embraced religion 
and united with the church. 

We would recommend the following as a very good 
form of keeping church books, viz: Draw aline in the 
middle of the left hand page, and write the name to be 
recorded on the right hand margin of the same. Then 
write what may be needful in connection with the per- 
son's admission into the church on the left hand mar- 
gin, and on the right hand page opposite to the name 
anything necessary in reference to the death, removal 
etc. of theindividual, always affixing dates, both as to his 
admision or dismissal, viz: 


United July 4, 18681 Jas. H. Leeds I Removed to Nashville, Aug. 9, 1868. 
United July 4, 1868 1 Sol. Mayhoe I Died of Typhoid Eever, Aug. 10, 1868. 

Every church ought to transcribe from the Form of 
Government the form of organization there recommended 
and otherwise observe what our Form of Government 
requires. This will secure uniformity in keeping our 
records, and enable us to get directly the history of each 


J. N. Manning, Chairman. 

On motion of Rev. W. S. Long, the business of ap- 
pointing Fraternal Messengers to sister Conferences was 
taken up, and Revs. J. W. Wellons, J. N. Manning, D. 
A. Long and E. W. Beale were elected Fraternal Mes- 
sengers to the Eastern Virginia Conference. Revs. A. 


Apple, R. G. Tinnen, W. S. Long, and J. W. Hatch were 
elected to the Deep River Conference, Revs. J. N. 
Manning, R. C. Tuck, and D. A. Long were elected Fra- 
ternal Messengers to the Valley of Virginia Conference. 

On motion, the consideration of a place for the next 
meeting of the annual Conference was taken up, and 
Wake Chapel, North Carolina, and Union, Virginia, 
were placed in nomination, which resulted in the selec- 
tion of Wake Chapel, Wake County, North Carolina, for 
the next meeting of the Annual Conference. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet to-morrow 
morning at 9 o'clock. 

Prayer by Rev. W. B. Wellons. 

Tuesday, November 17, 1868. 
Conference met pursuant to adjournment, and was 
called to order by the President. Prayer by Rev. D. T. 
Deanes. The minutes of yesterday were read ;an i ap- 

On motion, the Chair appointed Revs. A. Iseley, W. S. 
Long, and E. W. Beale Executive Committee. 

Rev. T. H. Pegram, of the Methodist Protestant 
Church, arose and addressed the Conference, stating 
that there was not sufficient difference existing between 
the churches to keep them very far apart; that true re- 
ligion is the same among all churches and people, and 
as there was no difference in point of doctrine or senti- 
ment between the M. P. Conference of North Carolina, 
and the Christian Church, he, therefore, desired this 
body to send Fraternal Messengers to the North Carolina 
Methodist Protestant Conference, to convene at Mt. 
Pleasant, Guilford County, North Carolina, December 
2, 1868. 

A motion was offered by Rev. J. N. Manning, that a 
Fraternal Messenger be appointed to the Methodist Pro- 
testant Conference. 



The sentiments of Rev. T. H. Pegratn were responded 
to by Revs. W. B. Wellons, A. G. Anderson, T. J. 
Fowler, and J. W. Wellons, expressing the kind feel- 
ings of the Christian Church towards him and his Con- 
ference, and suggesting that the resolution of Rev. J. N. 
Manning be couched in a preamble expressive of our 
feelings toward that body, which was unanimously 
agreed to. 

The following preamble aud resolution were then pre- 
sented and unanimously adopted: 

Whereas, Rev. T. H. Pegram, of the Methodist Pro- 
testant Church, of North Carolina, being invited, has 
accepted a seat as a deliberative member of this body, 
and has expressed a desire, in which we most heartily 
concur, of fraternizing with us, and of having us send a 
fraternal messenger to the Methodist Protestant Confer- 
ence of North Carolina, which meets at Mt. Pleasant, 
Guilford County, North Carolina, December 2, 1868 ; 

Resolved, That we send Revs. J. N. Manning and W. 
S. Long to carry the fraternal feelings and brotherly 
love of this Conference to that body, and invite, in our 
behalf, the like favor on their part/ 

By request of Rev. J. N. Manning the chair appointed 
Rev. A. Iseley in his place on the Standing Committee 
on Temperance- 

The Committee on Education then reported, which 
was received and adopted : 


Education has long been a subject of deep and absorb- 
ing interest to the Christian Church, but for several 
years its efforts have ceased with the adoption of reso- 
lutions annually offered, expressive of a will and a 
purpose, which have never been executed; consequently 
the youth of the Church have been almost entirely neg- 
lected, or forced to seek instruction under the influence 
of other denominations, or at independent schools. The 
result is our people are drifting about in the indefinable 
limits of uncertainty, subject to every wind of doctrine 
and every disorganizing and hurtful influence that may 
prevail in their midst. Young men desiring to enter 


the ministry must prosecute their studies unaided aDd 
alone, or under the direction of those who have no sym- 
pathy for them. We have now a number of candidates 
for ministerial orders, but no means with which to assist 
them or any school to which we can invite them. 

We recommend that Conference make an effort to 
establish a school of high grade somewhere within 
its bounds, at which young men looking forward 
to the ministry may acquire a knowledge of all the 
branches of learning required in our form of govern- 
ment, and at which the youth and friends of our church 
may procure a thorough business education. 

The Committee would also report that most of the 
licentiates and other members of the biblical class have 
reached the standard of learning required by our form 
of government, and many of them have made consid- 
erable progress in the classics. Their religious experience 
and prospects for usefulness are highly gratifying. 

We would mention the name of Bro. J. B. Ausley as 
being a pious and devout Christian, and advise that he 
be encouraged to continue his studies, and to make him- 
self as useful as possible. 

We recommend that Bro. W. G. Clements be licensed 
to preach the Gospel. 

We further recommend that Bros. D. A. Long, R. C. 
Tuck, W. S. Walker, and J. W. Hatch be ordained 
Elders in the Christian Church, they having conformed 
to all the requirements of the Government of the 
Church. And that they be relieved of the duty of de- 
livering trial sermons before Conference. Members of 
your Committee have heard all of them preach to entire 
satisfaction, and have discovered their taste and profi- 
ciency in writing. 

Respectfully submitted, 

J. N. Manning, Chairman. 

The Committee on Periodicals then reported, which 
was received and adopted. 


The Committee on Periodicals beg leave to report: 
That, after a careful inquiry into this subject, they find 
that the Christian Sun, our only denominational pa- 
per, though all we could wish as a church organ, is suf- 
fering from pecuniary embarrassments, and without a 
better support than it has heretofore received, its con- 
tinuance is very doubtful. The paper has been pub- 


lished since the war entirely on the responsibility of its 
resident editor. From the fact that such a large portion 
of our people decline to subscribe for the paper, he has 
been much straightened for want of means to keep it on 

We propose that during the present session of Con- 
ference an effort be made to raise as large a sum as pos- 
sible to relieve the Christian Sun of embarrassment. 

We would likewise recommend that each minister of 
this Conference be requested to use- every exertion in 
his power to procure new subscribers for the Sun, and 
report his success to the next session of this body. 
Respectfully submitted, 

C. A. Apple, Chairman. 

The Committee on the Publication of Hymn Book re- 
ported verbally that Rev. W. B. Wellous would make a 
proposition to Conference, which, if accepted, would re- 
lieve the committee of any duty in the case. 

Bro. W'ellons then proposed to publish an edition of 
2,000 copies of a Hymn Book within six months, upon 
his own responsibility, under the endorsement of the 
Board of Publication, providing Conference would raise 
$300 towards relieving him of embarrassmen t in connec- 
tion with the Christian Sun. 

This proposition was acccepted by Conference, and 
$213 was immediately raised and offered as a gratuity to 
Bro. Wellons, in connection with contributions from 
other sources, to enable him to purchase all the stock in 
the Sun establishment for his own use. 

On motion, to-morrow, 10 o'clock a. m., was set apart 
for the ordination of the brethren recommended by the 
Educational Committee. 

On motion, Revs. T. J. Fowler, A. Iseley, J. N. Man- 
ning, and W. B. Wellons, were appointed the ordaining 

The report of the Committee on Home Missions was 
received and laid upon the table. 

On motion, Eev. W. S. Long was appointed to deliver 
the next annual address before this Conference, and 
Rev. E. W. Beaie his alternate. 


On motion, Shiloh, Virginia, was dropped from the 
list of churches. 

On motion, every minister belonging to this Confer- 
ence was instructed to take up a quarterly collection for 
Conference fund. 

On motion, Rev. W. B. Wellons was requested to de- 
liver an ordination sermon to-morrow, 10J o'clock a. m. 

On motion* Conference adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock 
to-morrow morning. 

Prayer by Rev. A. Iseley. 

November 18, 1868. 
Conference met pursuant to adjournment, and was 
called to order by the President. Prayer by Kev. J. N. 

The minutes of yesterday were read and approved. 

On motion, the report on Home Missions was taken 
up, and after remarks from Revs. J. W. Wellons, and 
W. S. Long, it was unanimouily adopted. 


Your on Home Missions beg leave to re- 
port the following arrangements for supplying the 
churches composing this conference. 

J. W Wellons, and R. C. Tuck— Mt. Auburn, Lib- 
erty, Pope's Chapel , Fuller's, Good Hope, Oak Level, 
Union, Va., and Midway. 

W. H. Franks, H. B. Hayes, and A. Franks— Pleasant 
Springs, Hays' Chapel, Smyrna and Pleasant Hill, 

R. G. Tinuen— O'Kelley's Chapel, Martha's Chapel, 
Christian Chapel, and Wake Chapel. 

C. A. Boon— Zion, Antioch, and Bethel. 

J. N. Farrell, and J. K. Gibson— Damascus, Pleasant 
Hill, (Chatham,) and Shallow Well. 

New Elam to be supplied. 

J. B. Ausley — Piney Grove, and Moore Union. 

T. J. Fowler, and J. W. Hatch— Hanks Chapel. 

J. N. Manning— Pleasant Grove, Reeces Chapel, and 
Mt. Pisgah. 


A. Iseley — Bethlehem, and Apple's Chapel. 
E. W. Beale— Mt, Zion. 

W. S. Long— PriDcipal of Graham Female Seminary, 
and pastor of New Providence. 

P. R. Jones — Not present, and without work. 
S. Apple — Lebanon. 

J. J. Hobby — Feeble health, and not able to take any 

D. T. Deanes— Liberty, Brown's Chapel, and Mt. 

A. Q. Anderson — Concord, and Halem Chapel. 
S. Lambeth — Removed. 

W. T. Walker — Will make his own arrangements. 
P. W. Allen — Principal of Allen's Institute. 

C. A. Apple — Has a field in Eastern Virginia con- 

D. A. Long — Home missionary. 

W. D. Moffitt— Removed to Missouri. 

Thomas Truitt — Without work. 

A. Apple — Home missionary. 

J. M. Minnis — Removed to Tennessee. 

C. Allen — Assistant at Midway. 

Abner Apple— To assist A. Iseley at Apple? Chapel. 
J. S. Swift— Unheard from. 

Park's Stand, Pleasant Grove, N. C. Ebenezer, Shal- 
low Ford, Hine's Chapel, unsupplied. 

There are many places where churches might be built 
up in our bounds, if we could furnish the means to send 
out missionaries to labor, but cannot do so for the want 
of means. 

We would recommend our brethren in the ministry to 
try and enlarge their fields of labor, by getting up new 
places, and organizing new churches. 

We would further recommend the organization of 
prayer meetings, at the churches and neighborhoods 
around the churches, to be conducted weekly, by the 
laity, and especially at those churches unsupplied. 
Respectfully submitted, 

J. W. Wellons, Chairman. 

The following resolution was received, and unani- 
mously adopted : 

Resolved, That the thanks of Conference are due, and 
are hereby tendered Rev. A.. Isely for the excellent ser- 
mon delivered at the opening of this session. 

The following resolution was received, and unani- 
mously adopted : 


Resolved, That the thanks of this body are due to the 
brethren and friends around Salem Chapel for the kind 
and hospitable manner in which they have treated this* 
body during its present session. 

The following was received, and adopted : 

Resolved, That the propriety of appointing commis- 
sioners to confer with those delegated by the Christian 
Union, be referred to the Executive Committee. 

The following resolution was received and adopted : 

Resolvedf That the thanks of Conference be tendered 
to the officers of the same, for the efficient discharge of 
their respective duties. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet with the 
church at Wake Chapel,, Wake county, N. C, on Fri- 
day before the third Sabbath in November, 1868. 

A. G. Anderson, President 
J. N. Manning, Secretary. 
D. A. Long, 1 

R. 0. Tuck, j Assistant secretaries. 

nvc 1 nsr u t e s 


Sabbath School Convention 

heiCp at 




According to previous arrangement, the brethren con- 
nected with the various Sabbath schools belonging to the 
North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference, met 
at Salem Chapel, Forsythe county, N. C, on Saturday, 
the 14th, day of Nov., for the purpose of organization. 

On motion, Rev. W. S. Long was called to the chair, 
and Rev. E. W. Beale was chosen secretary, pro tern. 

On motion of Rev. J. W. Wellons, the list of church- 
es was called, and tne rollowing delegates reported : 
i Union, N. C, Rev. E. W- Beale; New Providenae, 
Rev. W. S. Long, and J. A. Long; Damascus, W. A. 
Pritchard; New Elam, Rev. J. N, Farrell; Pleasant 
Grove, Va., R. C. Tuck and C. H. Yates; O'Kelley's 
Chapel, C S. Holleman aud W. G. Clements; Hank's 
Chapel, Rev. J. W. Hatch; Mt, Pisgah, Rev. J. N. Man- 
ning; Reeces Chapel, Rev. J. N. Manning: Lebanon, 
Rev. C. A. Apple; Union Chapel, Va., R. Tuck; Mt. Bethel 
Rev. D. F. Deanes; Oak Level, Rev. J. W. Wellons; 
Mt. Auburn, Liberty Hill, Fuller's Chapel, Rev. J. W. 
Wellons; Pope's Chapel, M. C. Winston; Good Hope, 
Rev. J. W. Wellons; Concord, H. Rudd; Liberty School 
House, F. McCain; Pleasant Hill, D. C. Murchison; 
Haye's Chapel, J. C. Crocker; Farm Valley Academy, 
Rev. D. A. Long. 

On motion, all ministers present were invited to seats 
as honorary members. 

On motion, the chair appointed a committee of thie, , 
to draft a constitution for the permanent orgauizatian of 
the convention. 


The chair appointed Revs. J. N. Manning, C, A. Apple 
and J. W. Wellons. 

On motion, the Convention took a recess until half 
past one o,clock, P. M. 

Afternoon Session. 

Convention assembled. 

The committee appointed to draft a constitution, re- 
ported the following : 

On motion, the report was received, and the constitu- 
tion was taken up by articles, and sections, and each one 
separately adopted, after which 

On motion of Rev. D. A. Long, it was adopted as a 

On motion, Rev. T. H. Pegram, of the M. P. Church, 
was invited to a seat in the convention. 

On motion, the chair appointed a committee of three 
to report permanent officers. 

The chair appointed Rev. J. N. Farrell, and Brothers 
C. S. Holleman, and D. C. Murchison. 

On motion of Rev. C. A. Apple, the members were re- 
quested to present their views on the subject of Sabbath 
schools; whereupon, interesting and impressive address- 
es were delivered by Revs. W. B. Wellons, J. N. Man- 
ning, T. H. Pegram, C. A. Apple, J. W. Wellons, D. A. 
Long, and others. 

The committee appointed to report permanent officers 
reported : 

For President— Rev. W. S. Long. 
Vice-President— J. W- Wellons. 
Secretary— Rev. E. W. Beale. 
Treasurer— M. C. Winston. 

On motion, the report was received and adopted. 
On motion, the convention adjourned, subject to the 
call of the President. 
Prayer by Rev. T. H. Pegram. 


Wednesday, November 18th. 

The convention was called to order by the President. 

On motion, the next session of the conventton will be 
held with the church at New Providence, Alamance 
county, N. C, commencing on Tuesday after the first 
Sabbath in May, 1869. 

On motion, fne President appointed an Executive 
Committee of three, consisting of Rev. J. W. Wellons, 
and brothers C. E. Ayscue, and C. S. Holleman. 

On motion, the minutes were ordered to be printed in 
connection with the minutes of the conference. 

On motion, the convention adjourned, to meet at the 
place and time agreed upon. 

W. S. Long, President. 

E. W. Beade, Secretary. 

Whereas, The Sunday School work, from its nature and effects 
is universally regarded as one of the most efficient means of grace, 

Whereas, We, the representatives of the several Sunday schools 
in the bounds of the North Carolina and Virginia Conference, in 
Convention assembled, do recognize the great benefits accruing to 
this and other similar enterprises, from organized and, associate 
effort ; therefore, we do ordain and establish the following Consti- 
tution, or Articles of Regulation, for the perpetuation and govern- 
ment of said Convention, to-wit : 


This body shall be entitled, " The Sunday School Convention 
of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Confer- 


The powers of this Convention shall be limited to the promotion 
of the cause of Sunday schools within the bounds of the N. C. and 
Va. Christian Conference, and at such other places as may not be oc- 
cupied, as respects the Sunday school work, by any other organized 
body connected with the Christian Church. This Convention is 
empowered to use any and all such legitimate means as, in the 
opinion of the majority of the members composing it, shall tend 
to promote the great object for which it has been established. 


Sec. 1. The officers of this Convention shall consist of a Presi- 
dent, Vice President. Secretary, and Treasurer, each of whom, ex- 
cept the Secretary and Treasurer, whose election is otherwise pro- 
vided for, shall be elected at each annual meeting of the Conven- 

Sec. 2. The President shall be chosen by a majority of all the 
votes cast at the election for President. He shall preside at all 
meetings of the Convention, see that proper order is observed, give 
the casting vote in case of a tie, and, in a word, perform all those 
functions usually discharged by the presiding officer in bodies of a 
similar character. He shall continue in office for the term of one 
year, or until his sucessor be chosen. No person under the age of 
twenty-five years shall be chosen President of this Convention. 


Sec. 3. The Vice President shall have the same qualifications as 
the President, shall be elected in the same manner, and for the 
same time. In case of the death, resignation, removal or absence 
of the President, the Vice President shall discharge the dulies of 

Sec. 4. The Secretary may be chosen for an indefinite period, and 
may hold office during life, or the pleasure of the Convention. He 
shall be chosen by a majority of all the votes cast, and shall be, ex- 
officio, a member of the Convention. He shall receive all monies 
due the Convention, pay them over to the Treasurer, and take his 
receipt. He shall keep a faithful record of all the proceedings of 
the Convention, in a book procured for that purpose, and perform 
such other duties as usually pertain to the office of Secretary in all 
bodies of a similar character. 

Sec. 5. The Treasurer is to be chosen in the same manner, and 
like that officer, shall be, ex-officio, a member of the Convention. 
He shall receive all monies at the hands of the Secretary, give his 
receipt for the same, and disburse funds in his hands by the order 
of the Convention, signed by the President, and attested by the 
Secretary. He shall make an annual report to the Convention of 
his receipts and disbursements. 


This Convention shall meet regularly once every year, at such 
time and place as the body itself may elect. 


This Convention shall be composed of the following members : — 
Of all licensed and ordained ministers of the Christian Church In the 
bounds of the N. C. and Va. Christian Conference, at any or all of 
whose churches in charge a Sunday school or schools may be estab- 
lished; of the superintendents of each Sunday school representing 
itself In this body ; one delegate from each Sabbath school of thirty 
members or less, and one|delegate from each Sunday school for every 
twenty members, thereof, including teachers, in excess of thirty ; 
provided, that no school shall be entitled to more than eight rep- 
resentatives, including the superintendent. 


Each school represented in this bedy shall send up an annual re- 
port to the Convention, giving a statement of its operations during 
the year. This report shall be signed by the superintendent, attest- 
ed by the Secretary, and shall embrace such particulars as the reg- 
ulations of the Convention may dilect; 


This Convention shall be governed by the rules generally ob- 
served by parliamentary bodies, and commonly known as parlia- 
mentary law. 


One-fifth of those entitled to be members of this Convention shall 
constitute a quorum for the transaction of ordinary business, but 
in case of any amendment to the constitution or organic law of this 


body, at least two-thirds of those entitled to seats in this body 
must be present, of which number three-fourths shall vote in the 
affirmative; provided, that two-thirds of all entitled to seats in this 
body, may in case more than two-thirds are present, make any 
change in the Constitution. 


The President and Secretary of this Convention, together with 
three other persons^ to be eleeted for that purpose, by a majority of 
all votes cast, shall constitute an Executive Council for the trans- 
action of such business during the interim of the Convention as 
may require immediate attention, which business would properly 
belong to the Convention itself, if in session. Also, the Convention 
may refer to this Executive Council such business as may be most 
conveniently transacted by them, and cannot conveniently be done 
by the Convention itself. 


The C»nvention shall have power, for the more effectual trans- 
action of its business, to appoint such temporary and standing 
committees as the; necessities of the cause may from time to time 

T H E C H ii I S T I A N 8. 

As a separate and distinct organization, the Christians came 
I into existence near the close of the last century. The denomi- 
j nation was at first composed mainly of seceders from the Meth- 
j odist Episcopal Church, with Rev. James O'Kelly, of Virginia. 
| as the leading spirit in the movement. 


1. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Head of the Church. 

2. The name Christian, to the exclusion of all party, or secta- 
rian names. 

I 3. The Holy Bible, or the Scriptures of the Old and New Tes- 
taments a sufficient rule of faith and practice. 

4. Christian character, or vital piety the only test of fellow- 
j ship, or church membership. 

■ 5. The right gf private judgment and the liberty of conscience, 
the privilege and duty of all. 


j The Christians advocate union among all the followers of i 
! Christ; are ready to join in worship with all who call upon God j 
j with a pure heart, and serve him in spirit and in truth. All 
I who love and serve the Lord Jesus. Christ are invited by them 
j to commune at the Lord's table. 

A Declaration of Principles, Form of Government and Hirec- , 
tory for Worship, in accordance with their distinctive principles, 
has been devised, and is in common use among them. Price 75 els. 
: For sale at the Christian Sun office. 

!. The Christian Sun, published weekly at Suffolk, Va., by 
| Rev. W. B. Wellons, is the acknowledged organ of the denomina- 
tion. The Sun is put to subscribers at $3 per year, or Sl.">0 for 
| six months. 

A history of the Rise and Progress of the Christian Organ- j 
; ization, is now ready for the press, and will ere long be given to 
I the public. 

A new Hymn Book is also in course of compilation. 
Plans are being matured for thfe re-establishment of the High 
Schools and Colleges suspended (luring the late war. And soon 
all the machinery necoSsary to the permanent success of a denom- 
ination, will be in good working order. 
, This is appended for the eyes of strangers into whose hands a 
1 copy of these Proceedings may happen to fall.